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Your valuable items will often be travelling thousands of kilometres and handled many times before final delivery. The way in which you package these goods is critical to how they will appear at the final destination. Key things to watch are:

  • Palletised goods should ideally be shrink-wrapped to the pallet to avoid them moving while in transit
  • Cartons should be strong enough to take the weight inside, and no more than 25kg each unless on a pallet
  • Any products containing glass should be bubble-wrapped, crated or similar and marked “Fragile – Contains Glass”
  • Engines, Gear Boxes etc should be crated with fuel drained prior to shipping
  • Long freight that is fragile and subject to damage if bent should be reinforced with timber to minimise flex
  • Ensure that incompatible Dangerous Goods are not mixed together on a pallet

The Northline network handles thousands of shipments each day. Your help in labelling freight clearly will minimise any risk of misdirects or delay:

  • Clearly show the Shipper Name and Address, and the Consignee Name and Address
  • If the shipment consists of multiple items, indicate the item number and total number e.g. 1 of 2, 2 of 2
  • Write the consignment note number in full on each item or the pallet
  • Any Dangerous Goods must be declared and the appropriate stickers placed on the freight
  • Any Special Instructions should also be shown e.g. Fragile, For Delivery By… etc

To achieve transit times the freight must ready by 4pm and the order placed by 1pm on day of despatch.

  • Transit times are measured in working days only and starts from the day after the freight is collected or received in.
  • Regional transit times are available upon request from our Customer Service Team. Contact us on 720-918-6525.

The fuel surcharge for June 2023 is:

Standard            25.55%

Full Load            32.85%

The fuel surcharge for May 2023 is:

Standard            27.09%

Full Load            34.84%


No, you do not need to have an account to move freight with Northline. You can make a booking using Northline’s prepaid service. This means that you will need to have paid for the movement in full prior to it being booked in. To make a prepaid booking either use the online booking portal or call our Quotes team on 1300 722 534.