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Industry-leading global logistics

Northline is an experienced Australian owned, global logistics business with an industry-leading national network and an international reach into more than 100 countries.

We have 18 depots across major cities and key regional locations in Australia with the ability and flexibility to tailor solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and evolving market demands, including scaling up to add further capacity as needed.

Our customers freight can start or end in international cities, small towns or remote communities, but wherever the destination, you can rely on Northline to deliver.

That’s why, we are, Australia’s Global Logistics People.

1983Company Established

Our Executive Leadership Team

Craige Whitton

Craige Whitton

Chief Executive Officer
Brett Curtis

Brett Curtis

Chief Operation Officer
Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers

Chief Financial Officer
Our Approach


Northline’s vision is to be the first choice for logistics customers around the world.

We are all about Connectivity – connecting our customers with their customers seamlessly and no matter the challenge.

Core Values


Customer delight




People first

Since our first day of operation in 1983, we have always adopted a ‘people first’ philosophy.

That applies both to our dedicated team of employees, who challenge themselves every day to find the best freight solutions, through to our valuable customers who rely on us to ensure their valuable products reach their destination safely and efficiently.

We foster a strong team culture within our company while ensuring our employees are offered the best level of training to further their knowledge and skills, as well as keeping up to date with latest advancements in freight technology so we can pass that knowledge on to our customers.


Safety remains our number one priority and our employees adhere to the highest-standards of safety and environmental practice.

We work to achieve our goals of zero harm to people, a safe and secure workplace as well as protection of the environment for the community.

Our safe work practices include priority focus on the safety hazards which have the critical risks to our work activities: pedestrians and vehicles; working at height; and loads at height.

Northline prioritises these business matters and provides expertise and resources that ensure our employees and contractors embrace our approach, whilst at the same time complying with all local, territory, state and federal regulations.

Northline holds certification in the following: 


Northline recognises our social and global obligation to minimise our impact on the environment while continually seeking to improve environmental standards.

All business activities are performed with an overarching objective of a sustainable energy future.

Chain of Responsibility

Northline fully supports Chain of Responsibility and our compliance strategy applies to all employees, contractors and visitors within Northline’s businesses that have responsibility for or involvement in activities that fall within the scope of the road transport laws.

This includes, full time, part time and casual employees as well as contractors or subcontractors working for or on the behalf of Northline. It also extends to suppliers and visitors where appropriate.

Northline’s Chain of Responsibility compliance applies to all Northline workplaces and other workplaces or situations where employees, contractors or subcontractors may be working or representing Northline.


A key pillar of Northline’s values is to ensure that we continue to be good corporate citizens. Northline aims to be a good neighbour by giving back to the communities in which we do business. This is achieved by supporting children’s health, sport and arts programs and local businesses.